Angie's List Super Service Award

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“I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with the results of the laser treatment for the persistent toenail fungus that had plagued me for several years. As I’m sure you’ll recall, when I first came in to your office the nails on my two big toes were so discolored they were almost black. All of my other toes were also discolored to some extent. I was having no success with over-the-counter remedies and I did not want to try the very expensive drug treatment with its serious side effects. Over the next few months I was delighted to see all my toenails growing in looking completely normal. All the ugly discoloration that was embarrassing to the point that I would not go barefoot in public was completely gone. A simple regimen of healthy foot hygiene is all that is needed to keep my toenails fungus free. I highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from the same kind of toenail fungus that plagued me for so long.”

Jim Lawrence – Professor of Communication Studies

“I was referred to Dr. Waldman by a friend and waited a while to make an appointment out of fear for what would take place. I also felt there was little hope for my toenails and the fungus. To my surprise it didn’t hurt having the laser treatment and after one year my toenails look amazing. Dr. Waldman is knowledgeable, informative and truly cares about his patients’ results. He’s gentle with the procedure and agressive with the treatment. I did everything he instructed me to do with the products prescribed. I couldn’t be happier with my results and am forever grateful!! Thank you Dr. Waldman!!!”

Ms. T.R., Asheville, NC

“At my first visit, the laser treatment was done on my big toe and my “pinkie” toe. The treatment was painless. I applied brush-on liquid and a foot cream daily after treatment. Three months later, the discoloration is gone and my toenails are ready for sandals.”

Mrs. B.K., Asheville, NC

“I had a toenail fungus for about five years. I tried Penlac for about 2 years with no results. I had one laser treatment and have had no problems with fungal toenails since. I am grateful for the laser treatment.”

Mrs. L.R., Asheville, NC

“Our mother had severe fungal infection in her big toes on both feet. The nails were very thick, unsightly and painful due to increased pressure against her shoe. The pain was beginning to interfere with her walking. We brought her to Dr. Dan Waldman for a consultation and he recommended the toenail laser procedure which he was able to do in his office. Mom’s toes are now very healthy! “Dr. Dan” and his staff have been attentive, professional and kind – truly a pleasure to work with. We are relived to have taken care of her problem without harsh medications. We highly recommend this office.”

Robin Stickney & Stephanie Grubb, Asheville, NC

“I have always dreaded the onset of summer as it meant the inevitable exposure of my crusty yellow toenails. Nothing short of phenomenal has been my experience with Dr. Waldman’s revolutionary treatment. My sole regret is not doing it sooner! During the course of treatment I learned many valuable tips on footcare that will hopefully keep my toes twinkling well into the future. Many thanks to Dr. Waldman and wonderfull cheery Janeen. Buying new shoes is once more the delight that it should be!”

Cindi Sutherland, Asheville, NC